Influence Index

The Influence Index™ allows for immediate analysis of issues that can affect your profitability; mass opinion polling meets sentiment analysis, meets reputation management. We excel at media tracking, opinion analysis and the production, interpretation and application of the data. We have data that the media, researchers, networks and importantly, your competitors don’t have, to change or challenge opinion.

How does it work?

The Influence Index™ aggregates what people think about an issue, brand or product, and measures how they feel about it. It scrapes social media, headlines, articles, documents, and websites for mentions on a topic. It returns an overall sentiment on a positive-negative scale and social media momentum indicators (e.g. trending topics).  Influence experts analyse this output to identify problem areas around an issue, brand or product. Complementing our advice with the Influence Index™, we can provide the political, legal, diplomatic and policy means of turning opinion into results.

Brexit Tracker

Below is an example of the Influence Index™ in action, presenting data on the topic of Brexit.

The data presented is live, there may be a slight delay in loading.

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