Influence Services

Influence offers consultancy and specialist legal advice on topics related to the EU single market and the EU-UK negotiations. In addition, our new Influence Index™ takes the pulse of issues that can affect your business.

Businesses in and outside the UK need to have a clear and in-depth understanding of the issues arising from Britain’s exit from the European Union. It requires EU knowledge and expert mood-reading to grasp what this means for market access, and to manage change.

Influence political, policy, legal and diplomatic counsel helps companies deploy their smart power to capitalise on opportunities and influence change.


Monitoring and analysis of politics at each stage of the Brexit negotiations.

Our EU experts analyse positions of the major players on either side of the Channel, and they look at latest political intelligence to see how developments can impact on your business.


Monitoring of policies under negotiation that are relevant to your business

Our consultants explain future regulatory change in your sector, to inform your business planning. Our advocacy service helps you shape political outcomes by influencing negotiating positions. We also cover non-Brexit related single market issues.


Specialist legal services to assist your cross-border trade and business activity

Our lawyers provide legal input to consultancy services and also offer specialist legal counsel for businesses operating in different jurisdictions.


In-depth analysis of negotiating strategies

Seasoned diplomats explain what is going on behind the scenes, help identify potential trade-offs, assist in formulating bargaining positions, and advise on sensitivities in negotiations.

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