What Next? by Peter Wilding

The Influence Group supports the concept of Smart Power in corporate dealings with the UK and EU governments. In his book, What Next? our Chief Executive Peter Wilding offers an arresting answer, plotting out a new course for Britain’s troubled relationship with Europe, a new popular-based platform for British influence in Europe: ‘smart power’. Wilding identifies how British leaders from Pitt to Cameron have attempted to use exactly this ‘smart power’ in their approach to Europe. Outlining a new approach for Britain’s leaders, Wilding proposes a new, positive vision to position Britain in a fast-changing and fractured world.

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What People Say About ‘What Next?’

“Peter Wilding thinks positively. Written from a ring-side-seat, his account of what s gone wrong, and how to put it right, makes timely and compelling reading.”┬áJohn (Lord) Kerr, former Ambassador to the European Union, Ambassador to the United States, Permanent Under-Secretary at the Foreign Office and Head of the Diplomatic Service”

“Peter Wilding’s What Next? is a welcome overview of Britain s troubled and tumultuous relations with the rest of Europe. It reminds us that the essential part is to make a success of the follow-up on which Peter Wilding produces some thought-provoking ideas.”┬áDavid (Lord) Hannay, former Ambassador to the European Union, Ambassador to the United Nations and author of Britain s Quest for a Role: A Diplomatic Memoir from Europe to the UN”

“Britain is still part of the continent and with a significant, even leading role to play. But to achieve any grand strategy after a bruising campaign requires vision. I can think of few people more knowledgeable of Britain s tetchy relationship with Europe and therefore better able to sketch what that vision can be than Peter Wilding. Vicky Pryce, former joint head of the UK Government s Economic Service”

“Reviewing the sad history of our psychodrama with the European Union, he argues that Britain can best represent its own interests, and best contribute to the stability and prosperity of its neighbourhood, by the energetic deployment of its formidable assets behind a clear vision of Europe and of Britain s place in Europe.” Anthony Cary CMG, Commonwealth Scholarship Commissioner, former British High Commissioner to Canada and former British Ambassador to Sweden”

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